October 24, 2019

What Are The Chamberlain Lectures

The Chamberlain Lectures are organised by a Birmingham based consultancy and the. They are sponsored by the Flourishing Neighbourhoods Group who aim to actively encourage a wide debate on Civil and Civic Renewal. They are also sponsored by (GOWM), 

Purpose of the lectures

Birmingham is a city of many neighbourhoods and peoples. Some flourish and some do not. The ambition of the Flourishing Neighbourhoods Group is that by 2014 every citizen living in Birmingham will live in a flourishing neighbourhood. These will be places that are clean, safe and generous with the resources and capability to thrive.

THE CHAMBERLAIN DEBATE: How do we get there?

This will be part of a process of civil renewal, looking at local needs and how active citizens can contribute in the future, building on success stories across the city. The city needs a debate on its future that involves key stakeholders at both city wide and local level. The Chamberlain lectures will enable that debate by involving key national figures whilst listening to the views of Birmingham people.

“Our vision is of a society in which citizens are inspired to make a positive difference to their communities, and are able to influence the policies and services that affect their lives.” David Blunkett

We believe that Birmingham – the heart of the nation – is the ideal place for such a debate. With our diverse communities and its great needs Birmingham is a city that rises to challenges and can take the lead nationally in shaping the civil renewal agenda. Government have recognised this by appointing Birmingham as the first Civic Pioneering city – taking the civil renewal agenda forward.

In this section

The material in this section consists of the content of each individual lecture and discussion around the issues that a lecture might raise. Each lecture has its own individual page with a summary of the lecture and a link to download the full text of the lecture. Debate around the themes that the lectures raise is intergral to the Chamberlain process. Visitors are encouraged to join in the discussion by using the ‘Have Your Say’ discussion facility on each lecture page. A ‘Have Your Say’ link can be found at the top of the left hand column on each lecture page. Lectures are added when the full text of the lecture becomes available. This can sometimes mean a delay between the lecture being delivered and the lecture appearing on this website

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