October 24, 2019

Keep learning over Easter

The Easter break for schools is fast approaching, and for many school children that means at least a three-week break.

Longer than the half-term break, the Easter holidays always get the kids pretty excited. With the weather getting warmer, it can be a good opportunity for an early holiday too.

But three weeks off from school, or longer in some cases, can put a real dent in your child’s learning. It can also make it harder for them to get back into studying mode on their return.

There are ways to combat this problem, with many parents encouraging their children to continue their schoolwork during the holidays. So what are the benefits to year-round learning?

Maintaining progress
The Easter holidays can be relatively long, but the Christmas and summer holidays are even longer to go without any schoolwork.

Such a long time off will inevitably have an effect on a child’s learning progress. So, introducing some holiday learning is a good way to keep progress up. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, even an hour of simple learning activities will help their educational development.

Helping to start school again
If a child goes for a month or more without the daily routine of school, or even just a couple of weeks, it can be a real challenge for them to start up again once the holidays are over.

Issues such as getting up early, concentrating in class and being motivated to do homework can all be a struggle when school starts again.

But if you maintain some level of learning throughout the year through something like the Kumon English programme, returning to school will not be so much of a shock to the system for your child.

Making new friends
Apart from anything else, things like summer schools or study groups are a good way for your child to make new friends and improve their social skills.

Many children miss the social interaction of school when they are at home, so learning with friends is a good way to keep them entertained.

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