Look to Employers to Fund Your Education.
Still struggling to pay for college? More students are looking to employers to fund their education. Companies across the world are in a continuous search for the best people. Many realize employees with higher education benefit the company and are willing to provide tuition assistance.

Why your employer could want to help.
Employers understand that obtaining your degree can broaden you skill set, make you a more valuable employee and create many opportunities for you within the company. Often companies prefer to promote inside the company rather than hire from the outside. If a degree is beneficial to advancing in your company, employers might be willing to offer tuition assistance.

Although paying for an employee to get a degree might be costly, it can be cheaper than hiring a new person to fill the position. Receiving your degree can immediately allow you to take on more responsibility in the company and become a greater asset. Also, as your value goes up, you can potentially increase your company’s profit.

Companies on board.
Since companies realize the value of education, many have programs in place to pay for some or all of an employee’s tuition. *The Ford Motor Company is one example of a company setting up programs to help employees receive a degree and pay for tuition.

Ford partnered with a university near its headquarters to help employees earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering. The company worked with them on curriculum to create the training most valuable to their company. Their employees are encouraged to attain the degree and are eligible for tuition assistance. This is the first program designed to meet the specific needs of a company.

The Ford example is unique but shows how companies are willing to advance their employees and their company. Other organizations might not have as intricate of programs but still have policies in place to help with tuition. Companies that don’t have policies in place can still see the value in education and could be willing to help.

Flexibility is making higher education easier to obtain.
Flexible scheduling in education is giving greater access to today’s working adults. With more colleges offering night, weekend and online classes, you can go to school while continuing to make an impact in your company.

Every dollar helps.
If you are with a company that has never offered tuition assistance before, help them understand how your potential degree will benefit their company and seek their support. Some companies could pay all, others half or some might just cover books. Overall, companies want the best and realize higher education is a vehicle to getting there. Any financial backing they offer can help you succeed.

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