Get involved

You don’t have to do headstands or jump through hoops to join the team (unless you want to!). Our festival couldn’t happen without the support we receive from volunteers. If you are interested in literature or finding out about how festivals are organised, there are lots of ways in which you can help us and also develop your own skills and interests.

Festivals are fun to be involved with but they are also hectic. We love working with people who are professional, reliable, respond well under pressure and who have a good sense of humour.

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Event Stewards

Event stewards come for an evening or for all day, an afternoon or morning session during the day at weekends. They play the most important part in guaranteeing the festival’s success because they are the public face of the festival. They answer queries, take tickets, give directions, move chairs (when needed) and help seat the audience. They usually sit in on the event.

Some stewards help with workshops. They look after the writer leading the workshops, make drinks and do photocopying. They meet and greet members of the public and may need to take latecomers money. They sit in and provide ad hoc support where needed. Workshop usually last about 2 hours and so a workshop steward will need to be on hand for around 3-4 hours depending on the event.

Children’s Event Stewards

Children’s event stewards roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. They not only do all the work of an event steward, but often get involved in the activity. If it’s a craft workshop, they get their hands covered in glue. If it’s a live performance, they sit in the audience, join in and encourage participation.

Many of our younger stewards enjoy helping with Children’s events.

Serving Refreshments

The festival needs volunteers to make and serve tea, coffee and biscuits. It involves serving members of the public and authors, taking payments and preparing the refreshment area before an event and clearing up afterwards. You may be needed to provide water for the stage and ensure refreshments are available in the Green Room (the private room for authors to use before and after an event). Good personal hygiene is essential, but you do not need any catering or food hygiene qualifications.

Information / Bookstall Stewards

At all our events we sell books. Our bookstall can become extremely busy after a popular event. This involves setting out the books beforehand, selling the books and then packing up afterwards. Full briefing is given, and there is always someone on hand to help if you have any queries.

Marketing Assistants

Help with mailings and distribution of marketing materials. Our brochures are sent out in-house. However we need people to help distribute brochures and posters across the area by hand. Other back-room work includes creating mailing lists for specific events, drafting press copy and updating listings pages on the internet.