August 16, 2019

Careers In Hospital Management In India

Hospital management as a career option in India is gaining immense popularity due to the dire need to manage our health care segment as the function involved in a hospital are very different from the other organizations. A hospital is expected to provide quality service throughout the day and also during night and this need’s to be done at minimal costs. The government of our country is also striving to achieve the above goals. Quality of service, professionalism, availability of resources, customer service, data processing, filing, computerized data management, billing, audit, procurement, coordinating, security, administration and maintenance, all come under the purview of hospital administrators when it comes to running a hospital under their supervision. In big hospitals, each individual department might have a separate administrator to manage that department and report to the head hospital administrator. But in a small set-up, a hand full of people might run the functions. A career in hospital administration is highly fruitful as it helps serves mankind and also helps one earn well.

Who can apply for these courses? There are no specific criteria for applying for a hospital management program in our country. However, hospital management courses are offered mostly at a post-graduate level in India. They are equated with that of an MBA degree. So, a aspirant who would like to take up a hospital management course should have completed a basic degree(10+2+3 or 10+2+4) in any field. The selection process differs with each institution offering the course. Normally there is an entrance test followed by a group discussion and a personal interview round. Or certain institution might just conduct and entrance exam and a personal interview round.

Course Offered: Hospital Administration courses can be taken up as full-time, part-time or correspondence courses. There are many prestigious institutions in India which offer hospital administration courses full-time namely, TISS(Mumbai), IIHMR(Jaipur), Sri Ramachandra Medical Institute(Chennai) which offer placement facilities on completion of the program. Other institutions offering hospital management courses are All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration, Armed forces medical college, Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Symbiosis Institute of Health Care, FMS, Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management etc.

Career prospects and employment opportunities: Healthcare management is very essential for any hospital for being recognized as the best in the industry. The emergence of hospital management itself is to manage these healthcare units well and cater to the needs of the people. So a person with tact, professionalism and good communication skills is highly demanded by the giant hospitals to run their day-to-day work efficiently. And hospital administration is also an area which cannot die as more and more quality oriented hospitals are demanded and is increasing everyday. With medical tourism gaining popularity, the need for such professionals is ever increasing in health care units, nursing homes, public health departments, mental health organizations, health insurance organizations, clinics consulting firms etc.

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