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Careers In Geography

Geography is a very diverse term and it primarily deals with aerial differentiation of the surface of the earth. This activity involves the study of multiple other activities namely, soil, climate, vegetation, physical features, land use, population and industries through out the world and the differentiation within each region. Thus geography involves a wide array of diverse fields and provides multiple career options for aspiring students. With latest technological developments namely Geographical Information Systems(GIS) and satellite technology, geography as a career is becoming a very popular and challenging career option.

Course Details and Specializations: One can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography on completion of standard 12. There are certain universities which offer a B.Sc in geography. On completion of a bachelor’s degree, an aspirant can specialize in various fields of geography for doing a masters/M.Phil/Ph.D programs. Cartography is a specialization where one makes globes, maps, charts and models. One can opt to become a surveyor where one plots the surface of the earth by doing field work and through mathematical observation. A study involving planning, development and housing projects with respect to utilization of space and its location etc is what is covered under a degree in Urban and Regional Planning. NGO’s concerned with rural developmental aspects, private and public sectors involved Urban Planning require the services of people who have completed Diploma in Town Planning. Remote Sensing involves analysis of draught, floods and other such quick occurring phenomena and the images from satellites provide great information about such aspects. Other specializations include Oceanography, Climatology, Physiography, Economic and Environmental geography and population studies.

Institutions In India: The following are the institutions in India that offer courses related to geography and its various fields: JNU(Delhi), University of Delhi(Delhi), Jamia Millia University(Delhi), Institute of Geo-informatics and Remote Sensing(Kolkata), University of Rajestan(Jaipur), Symbiosis Institute of Design(Pune), Amity Institute(Noida), BHU(Varanasi), Birla Institute of Technology(Ranchi), Aligarh Muslim University(Aligarh), Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology(Ahmedabad).

Career Opportunities: With modern technology, geography specialists can work in various organizations. Urban and Regional Planners and Cartographers services are required by the government sector and research institutions. Remote sensing technology and GIS information are greatly utilized by various private sector organizations who need the assistance of geographers. Developmental organizations and NGO’s involved in the study of environmental issues, rural development and population studies also require the expertise from a geographer. Self-employment is also possible if one decides to set-up his/her own tutorials or coaching institutes. Teaching is a very common option adopted by many geography graduates in various universities, colleges and schools. The field is fast evolving and numerous other branches are yet to be completely explored in our nation.

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